Charley Hinchcliffe, an L.A. local met Jesi Di Palo at an open mic night in October of 2008 and have been writing and performing music together ever since. They became engaged in 09, formed their own record label in '11, Wini Flashdance Records, and then formed Wini Flashdance Publishing a year later.

They just released their third studio album that was tracked at the Village Recorder in Los Angeles. They produced, wrote and performed with many talented musicians, along with a track working with Grammy winner Pete Anderson and studio musicians at Little Dog Records.
Their first album Raw was a collection of recordings from different studios while on their road trip back to California after moving to New York for a short time. Some of the studios included: Jupiter Echo Beach Studios in Jupiter, Florida, where Jesi grew up; Fudge Recording Studio in New Orleans, Louisiana; 5th street studios in Austin, Texas; and Oceanside, CA.
For their second album, "Charley & Jesi," they recorded at the Village Recorder and hired some of the top musicians in Los Angeles including two-time Latin Grammy winning drummer, Julio Figueroa, top session bassists, K.T. Tyler and Daniel Baker, Glendale native that Charley met at jazz band at Hoover High School. They mastered the record at Capitol Records by Robert Vosgien, known for his work with No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom.

After self producing, promoting and managing both albums, they decided to form their own record label. "Nowadays making music is so accessible to anyone and being that we have the do it yourself attitude, it just makes sense. We're not waiting for someone to make our dreams come true, we're doing it ourselves."

They are now planning a tour of the Southeast United States. To book Charley & Jesi, contact Charles @



























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